What is VAI?

Victim Advocates International (VAI) is a membership organisation for victims of serious international crimes,
including war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. Through VAI membership, victims can act in solidarity with
other victims across the world, and can access the resources they need to effectively lead justice movements.


Q&A From Cox’s Bazar with the International Justice Mechanisms

Find out what questions were asked by Rohingya victims and witnesses, and what answers were given by the ICC, ICJ and IIMM.
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Marking 25 August: Q&A with Rohingya

VAI held an event to commemorate five years since the Rohingya victims of the 2017 clearance operations in Myanmar arrived in Bangladesh – and five years waiting for justice. The event allowed Rohingya living in the refugee camp to ask questions to lawyers pursuing justice on their behalf.
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The Legacy of the Rohingya Overdocumentation Myth: Lessons for Ukraine

This article explores how the myth of over documentation in the Rohingya context continues to adversely affect accountability efforts.
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A Tribute to Mohibullah

On 29 September 2021, our friend. colleague, and an inspiration for VAI's establishment, Mohibullah, was assassinated in Cox's Bazar refugee camp, Bangladesh. Mohib was a giant - not only for the Rohingya community in Bangladesh, but for all victims of serious crimes demanding justice, pease and human rights. Here, we pay tribute to the work he did, and commit to supporting the group he led in continuing his legacy.
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