Our Governance Structure

The Corporate Structure of VAI is made up of three arms:

  • Board of Directors
  • Global Advisory Committee, appointed from members of the Regional Advisory Committees
  • Executive Director and Management

The objective of this organisational structure is to ensure VAI has robust governance and oversight whilst ensuring a collaborative form of governance.

Board of Directors

The Board consists of three members recruited by the Board of Director and the Executive Director. The Board members consist of international lawyers with demonstrated expertise in victim participation and justice, as well as options for accountability globally. They approve the annual strategic vision and direction of VAI as an organisation on an annual basis.

Advisory Committees

Each victim group in VAI’s membership will appoint a representative to be part of a Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), one of which will exist in each region in which VAI has a presence. Each RAC will then elect its own representative, who will sit on the Global Advisory Committee (GAC).
The objective of the GAC is to ensure members are defining and delivering the strategic vision of VAI. The Executive Director will work with the GAC to develop VAI’s annual strategic vision.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for managing the Victim Associations and the International Secretariat branches of VAI. The Executive Director sits on the Board of Directors with a consultative status.
The Executive Director is limited to serving two four-year terms in the role, either consecutive or non-consecutive.
VAI’s current Executive Director is Eva Buzo.