Our Strategy

Solidarity is a powerful tool for change. VAI mobilises this power by being a membership organisation of victims, for victims. It connects groups around the world much like a union, which victims can become members to act in solidarity with other others and access the resources they need to effectively lead justice movements.

The power of victims

The vision of VAI is to disrupt accountability processes by increasing the power and influence of victims of serious international crimes. Victims are fervently dedicated to some form of justice- a fundamental force that has historically been the catalyst for challenging impunity. The strategy of VAI is to harness this power and be a discreet background structure that supports members to overcome these barriers first, by supporting efforts to mobilise and create platforms for action; and second, by providing members with the legal expertise they need to support their action. VAI will do this by being:

  • Victim-owned – members make up the core governance structure of VAI;
  • Relevant – members decide their objectives and the resources they need to achieve them;
  • Accessible – resources for members will be provided where they are.

By being victim-owned, decisions about uses of funding and resources will be made by members ensuring VAI’s relevance and accessibility. By ensuring victims are powerful forces, this critical gap in accountability processes can be filled.

More About Membership