Our Team

Eva Buzo

Executive Director

Eva Buzo is the Executive Director of Victim Advocates International. She is a barrister practicing at the New South Wales Bar primarily in criminal and migration law. Prior to becoming a barrister Eva was working internationally with victims of international crimes and human rights violations with organisations including World Vision, Save the Children and BRAC. Eva is a certified expert on the Justice Rapid Response Roster. She is also on the NSW Red Cross International Humanitarian Law advisory committee as a legal advisor and in 2021 was appointed to the NSW Bar Association Human Rights Committee.

Eva has a Master of Arts in Peace and Security Studies from Hamburg University and a Juris Doctor from Australian National University. She is currently completing her PhD in law at Queensland University of Technology on victim representation in international accountability mechanisms.

In her spare time Eva is an ocean swimmer and enjoys playing the piano.

Stella Ndirangu

Director - Africa

Stella is the Africa Director for Victim Advocates International. She is an international human rights lawyer and gender justice advocate who for over 10 years, has engaged in legal and policy advocacy to enhance the promotion and protection of human rights and the rule of law. She has particular interest in advocating for accountability for international crimes and other serious human rights violations. Stella is passionate about building initiatives that help vulnerable people and affected communities access justice and has worked with victim communities in across Africa.

Clare Brown

Deputy Director

Clare Brown is the Deputy Director and co-founder of Victim Advocates International. She coordinates the network of victim groups at VAI as well as overseeing research and advocacy. Clare is an international human rights lawyer with nine years experience working on accountability for human rights violations and international crimes, with a particular focus on access to justice for victims of sexual violence. She has worked on cases from Somalia, South Sudan, Rwanda and Myanmar and is currently based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Kate Gibson

Senior Counsel

Kate Gibson is a Senior Counsel to Victim Advocates International. She works with VAI to represent victims in legal proceedings, as well as contributing to legal and advocacy strategies. Kate is an international criminal lawyer with 16 years' experience appearing before the international criminal courts and tribunals, in cases involving mass atrocities in Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She holds an LL.M in International Law from Cambridge University and lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

Raazia Galaria

Admin & Finance Officer

Raazia Galaria is the Admin and Finance Officer of Victim Advocates International. She is a highly knowledgable Certified Chartered Accountant having experience of 5 years in International Accounting. A great organizer she is, with the constant urge to keep her self updated. A creative person with her hobby being poetry writing adds to her versatility.

Joseph Black

Legal Intern

Joseph Black is one of the legal interns for Victim Advocates International. He is a Juris Doctor student at the University of Sydney specializing in Asia-Pacific and international law. Joseph has interned with German, South Korean, Indonesian, American, and Australian organizations, is the Queer Officer of the University of Sydney postgraduate union, and was recently selected as a Young Leader of the Pacific Forum. In his free time, Joseph likes to help others, study, and attend Chatham House and Pacific Forum events.

Anna Norman

Legal Intern

Anna Norman is one of the legal interns for Victim Advocates International. She is currently working towards her Juris Doctorate at Columbia University in New York. Anna is deeply passionate about advocating for human rights and aims to work as a human rights lawyer following the completion of her degree. She has past experience working on immigration issues for immigrants and refugees in the United States.