VAI Membership Benefits

VAI Membership Benefits

Membership in VAI gives members access to:

1. Legal representation

2. An individualised Memorandum of Understanding with VAI, which will be different based on the justice objectives of each organisation. You tell us what your priorities are in terms of increasing access to justice for your members, and we will provide you with tailored assistance in meeting those priorities.

3. Access to the resources of the Secretariat, which will include trainings, mentoring packages, advocacy support, and the possibility of jointly applying for funding (see below).

4. One elected representative will join VAI’s Advisory Committee, which will provide the Board with advice on how the organisation should be run.

The type of resources available to members can grow and change based on the strategic vision of the organisation. VAI exists to reflect to the actual needs of its members. Currently, the resources available are focused on organisational development and legal and advocacy resources, as these are the identified needs of the groups currently working with VAI.

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Training And Mentoring

VAI offers tailor-made training and mentoring packages to its members, depending on the needs and priorities identified by them. Click here to find out more.

Advocacy Support

VAI provides its members with support in creating advocacy strategies and assistance in their advocacy activities. This helps them have their experiences, priorities and demands heard at the highest levels of government and the international community.

Joint Funding Applications

VAI Secretariat will co-apply for funding with member organisations for specific projects, agreed on and developed international between the Secretariat and the victim group or groups.