VAI membership


If you are part of a victim advocacy group, you may be interested in becoming a member of VAI. Groups will be considered for membership if they meet the following five criteria:

1. Victims of serious international crimes – it must be one or more of the objectives of the group to speak out against alleged serious international crimes that have happened to the members.

2. Decision-making structure – it must be able to be verified that decisions of the group represent the wishes of its members.

3. Information dissemination procedure – it must be demonstrated that all members of the group are regularly receiving information from the governing members, so that they have enough information to understand and participate in decision-making.

4. Commitment to solidarity with other victim groups – the group must be supportive of and willing to share their experiences with similar groups all over the world.

5. VAI will benefit the group – VAI must provide utility to the group that they cannot otherwise access.

Organisational development

If you are part of a group of victims that is interested in becoming part of VAI, but cannot answer ‘yes’ to the above questions, we can provide you with organisational development assistance. You may wish to develop a formal leadership or decision-making structure. We can help. Please contact us using the form on the main page to request assistance.

Benefits of VAI membership

VAI membership will give you access to the VAI Secretariat, which means you will be able to request targeted trainings, mentoring, and advocacy support. VAI also supports members on fundraising efforts, including by supporting on proposal design, and by undertaking joint applications with members.
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